It may only be a stone's throw, but it's big changes for Acticare in November 2018!

For most people, the thought of puree food will be synonymous with baby food. However, if you work within the caring community, you’ll know that this type of food preparation is used every day for those that are in the autumn of their lives or for people with medical conditions that require food to be served in puree form.

We recently used a new online platform to conduct our NPS (Net Promoter Score) Survey. We received brilliant results. Our April 2017 NPS was 94.7%.

NWebDesigned for you. Efficiency is the core focus of this new platform which has been specifically designed and built for Care Homes throughout the UK.


When reflecting on 2016, we can say it was truly a remarkable year for the team at Active Rehab Equipment LLP. 2016 was a year of exceptional growth, with many new relationships built with Care Home Managers across the country.