Our Business, Your Business, One Planet

We only have 1 planet. So reducing waste and being as sustainable as possible is key to success.

Your care homes are sanctuaries of safety and well-being, places where your staff can leave positive imprints on lives. At Acticare, we mirror that ethos in our operations.

That’s why we are proud to have been certified by Planet Mark as a business that continually strives to reduce our own carbon footprint and redefines profit with purpose.


Our promise to you

Yes, care homes are your business, and profitability isn’t just an aim — it’s a necessity. But in the pursuit of improving profitability, environmental impact must be given equal importance.

Our partnership with Planet Mark signifies our investment in a future where care homes don’t just exist in the environment—they thrive alongside it.

Through this lens, Acticare isn’t just a supplier; we’re a supporter and enabler of care home’s sustainability goals, embedding sustainable practices into our DNA and, by extension, into the care homes we serve.

Our philosophy

Transparent Operations, Tangible Outcomes

Gaining insight into product usage and expenditure is crucial. We arm you with the data to make informed decisions, cutting excesses, and fine-tuning standards. This isn’t just about profit; it’s about stewardship of resources and respect for the environment.

The Fabric of Care

To residents and their families, care homes are havens. To staff, they’re a place to impact lives positively. We recognise the multifaceted nature of your business — a combination of care, comfort, and commerce.

Acticare's Pledge

We’re all in.

With the commitment of our entire organization, we’re poised to do more than good. We’re here to catalyse change, champion sustainability, and uplift every life within the care homes we touch.

Join us, and together, let’s set a new standard for the care industry — one that’s profitable, sustainable, and infinitely caring.