Healthy Eating Week – Recipes and Catering Equipment for Care Homes

Did you know there is a Healthy Eating Week? In 2024, it’s from 10th – 14th June and it encourages everyone, from early years to the elderly, to ‘Give it a go’.

The British Nutrition Foundation is promoting its key messages and resources for Healthy Eating Week. Whilst it is often aimed at schools and educational settings, there’s no reason why that can’t extend to care homes.

Their advice of having an extra portion of fruit or vegetables a day or being a bit more active may be challenging for the elderly or those who struggle at mealtimes but we think, with some recipe inspiration and the right equipment, healthy eating can be achieved.

Recipe Inspiration for Care Homes

There are a variety of different issues which can affect a resident’s enjoyment of healthy food, from difficulty swallowing or chewing, to struggling with cutlery.

For stressed or anxious residents, ensuring they eat at all becomes the main goal, occasionally at the cost of nutritional healthy meals.

We know that care home teams work hard to counteract these problems. One solution is to look at cooking recipes which are specifically designed for care home residents that are nutritionally balanced and help work towards the 5-a-day guidelines.

  • Easy fishcakes

If you’re looking for soft food recipes for elderly residents who struggle with chewing, homemade fishcakes are a great option. By combining leftover mashed potato or sweet potato with canned tuna, beaten egg, finely chopped green vegetables and seasoning, you can make tasty patties to bake in the oven or fry to turn into soft fish cakes that are much easier to eat than shop-bought ones covered in breadcrumbs.

  • Potato and leek soup

Potato and leek soup is a classic, and often a nostalgic favourite for care home residents. It’s a good option for a hearty, warming meal for someone who needs soft foods that are easy to chew. Try this recipe from BBC Good Food and blend it to make it even easier to eat. In fact, any vegetable soup is a great idea for mealtimes.

  • Lentil shepherd’s pie

If meat is difficult for your residents to chew, try making a shepherd’s pie with lentils instead – an ideal option if you’re looking for soft food recipes for the elderly. Cooked lentils have a smoother texture and take on flavours well – they’re also lower in fat and higher in fibre than beef or lamb mince.

Replace the mince in your usual recipe with lentils, and be careful about including ingredients such as carrots, celery, and onions unless they are well-cooked and finely chopped. Top with mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes and you’ve got a tasty, healthy, soft food recipe.

Care home dining products

To help you and your team offer your residents a simpler, safer and better dining experience, Acticare stocks a wide range of specialised catering equipment. These are designed specially to aid residents to feed themselves in an independent and dignified manner, as well as offering staff different options to help achieve that.

Below is a brief description of just some of the products which will help your care home and your residents. Of course, you can get these from your usual supplier or you can explore our full catering range here:

Silicone food moulds

These silicone food moulds allow residents who can no longer manage hard food, or struggle to cut it up, to continue to have a positive dining experience. Freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, these moulds allow staff to create a realistic and delicious meal that every resident can enjoy.

Stylish, washable bibs

Coming in a sophisticated range of designs and colours, our washable bibs allow residents to enjoy dinner time and not feel as if they are any different. Being washable, the bibs can be easily reused and are durable enough to last. With a comfortable, adjustable neckline they’re perfect for every occasion.

Ergonomic cutlery

Our selection of specialist cutlery allows residents to maintain their independence at dinner time, enabling them to feel more dignified. Our foam-handled or angled cutlery allows residents to enjoy their food themselves, a vital part of maintaining their identity and reducing anxiety at mealtimes.

Ornamin range

Ornamin is a German company, that specialises in creating beautiful and dignified dining equipment. Their sloped bottom bowls and the innovative design of their keep-warm bowl make sure that even the residents who struggle most at mealtimes will be able to enjoy a warm, healthy meal with ease.

Healthy Care Home Mealtimes

Offering your residents a comfortable, safe and refined dining experience is a vital part of raising standards in your care home. Acticare is here to support you with catering equipment. Plus, with our industry-leading delivery promise and exceptional customer service, you’re in safe hands. Find everything you need in our online store.


Photo credit Megan Bucknall via Unsplash